Thyme Maternity Summer Outfit

The good thing about expecting a baby in the fall is that you may not have to purchase too many maternity specific clothes! Of course everyone is different, and everyone has their own personal style. Generally I like to wear easy and flowy clothes for the summer. Now that I’m over 30 weeks pregnant (gulp!) I’ve had to pick up a few items to get me through the rest of the season. This Thyme Maternity summer outfit has been on repeat for me lately!

Thyme Maternity Summer Outfit // ElaineLoves

{Thyme Maternity Summer Outfit}

Summer weekends are definitely the time for loose fitting outfits and cooler materials. I was on the hunt for a casual dress that I could wear easily but still feel good in. For maternity specific clothes I headed straight to Thyme Maternity where I had previously picked up 2 pairs of comfy and stylish jeans.

Thyme Maternity Summer Outfit // ElaineLoves

It can be a challenge for me to find clothes that fit well due to my proportions. This Thyme Maternity summer outfit is actually a tunic that I’m wearing as a dress!

Sometimes when it comes to shopping and styling you have to be creative and think out of the box. Since I’m quite short, this tunic works well as a summer dress for me! This top will also transition to fall since I can pair it with skinny jeans, tights or leggings.

Note, that I made sure this top wasn’t see-through at the bottom as most dresses will be at least lightly lined. As an added precaution I’m wearing a long tank top underneath just in case 😉

Thyme Maternity Summer Outfit // ElaineLoves

Originally, the top came with a fabric belt in the exact same material and pattern to help give it shape. I switched it out for a belt I already had so I could control where I wanted it to cinch in. My suggestion would be to mix up new items with existing accessories and items you might have to personalize your look!

I hope you like my Thyme Maternity summer outfit! Do you have any tips for dressing a baby bump in the summer months?

Disclosure: Thyme Maternity provided me a gift card to shop at their store, however I picked the outfit and opinions are all my own!




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