Teaching Children to Give Back

Now that I’m a mother I have been thinking more about giving back and donating especially at this time of year. Teaching children to give back is really important for most parents. Giving back teaches children to be charitable and empathetic.

Teaching Children To Give Back | Elaine Loves

{Teaching Children To Give Back}

Getting Kids Involved

T is still too young to understand the concept of giving back, but it’s never too late to expose him to it! When he’s older I’m hoping we’ll have the opportunity to volunteer somewhere together so he can really be hands on. This year I decided to “involve” him in The Shoebox Project.

What is The Shoebox Project?

The Shoebox Project is dedicated to filling up shoeboxes with items that will make a woman feel special. The shoeboxes are then distributed to women who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Find out more about The Shoebox Project and their initiatives on their website.

Teaching Children To Give Back | Elaine Loves

Every year I try to donate to The Shoebox Project but this was extra special since T and I got together with the Mamas & Minis group and put together a whole bunch of shoeboxes. All the women involved loved the idea of teaching children to give back by showing them how it can be easy and fun.

What We Included

The ladies of the Mamas & Minis were SO generous – we had so many donations that we were able to surpass our goal and had enough to make extra shoeboxes. Items included chocolates, journals, gift cards and makeup. For the cold winter months ahead we also were able to add in hats, scarves and mittens into some of the boxes; and to help pamper the women in need, Aveeno generously provided my favourite hand creams for us to include!

Teaching Children To Give Back | Elaine Loves

Making It A Tradition

I plan to make The Shoebox Project a tradition that I can involve T in. This year he helped by taking the items I brought out of the bags (though I of course had to put them back in some kind of order!) and next year he should be able to help put stuff into the boxes! I hope to explain to him what we’re doing and why and when he’s even older my goal is to find places to volunteer throughout the year.

Teaching Children To Give Back | Elaine Loves

Have you been teaching children to give back by volunteering or donating to a cause? I’d love to hear from you and any ideas you may have for us for future!



  • What an amazing initiative! I actually had never heard of it before your post. I would love to participate!

    Also – I am on the same page with encouraging my son to be generous when he is old enough to understand. I have always thought for the future to let him see me get really excited to give a gift or to help someone so that he will always see giving as a positive in his life.

    Great post Elaine, thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Joanna! It’s so exciting to be able to share things with them isn’t it? And giving back and volunteering is the perfect way to bond as well 🙂

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