Taking the Jamieson Vitamins Change of Heart Challenge

February is Heart Month and not only because of Valentine’s day! Did you know that the number of incidents of heart disease is rising among Canadian women? It’s a scary fact, but heart attacks and strokes are responsible for twice as many deaths in women as all Cancers combined.

Because I think it’s extremely important for all women to be aware of this reality, I’ve partnered with Jamieson Vitamins to encourage all of you to join me in the #ChangeofHeart Challenge.

Jamieson Vitamins Change of Heart Challenge

The #ChangeofHeart challenge is an easy 28 day lifestyle challenge where we make small daily changes to help improve heart health. The challenge was designed to get us talking about living a healthier lifestyle with easy practical tips on how to reduce stress, eating a heart-healthy diet, getting more sleep and becoming more (and staying!) active.

In recognition of the importance of heart health and of all the Canadians (women and men) who will be participating in the #ChangeofHeart challenge Jamieson Vitamins will be making a $25,000 donation to the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre; the leading cardiac care facility in Canada.

Dr. Heather Ross is a Cardiologist at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre and she is also the Director of the Ted Rogers Centre of Excellence in Heart Function. She says:

Although cardiovascular disease poses an enormous threat to women’s health, many of the risk factors, including smoking, obesity, physical inactivity, high blood cholesterol an unhealthy diet and hypertension can be lowered or prevented through lifestyle choices women control…

Awareness of risk factors and early prevention can make a significant difference in lowering the risk and improving the outcome of heart disease

So I ask you – why wouldn’t we take every possible step to taking control of what we can? During the entire month of February a new challenge, along with tips and facts about heart health will be posted daily on the Jamieson Vitamins Facebook page. Each time a participant completes a daily challenge they can enter a weekly draw to win a Jamieson heart health pack which includes a Fitbit Flex activity tracker, gym bag, 3-month supply of Jamieson OmegaRED Super Krill and more!

Jamieson Vitamins Change of Heart Challenge

Registered Dietitian at Jamieson Vitamins Michelle Latinsky says:

One of the easiest steps to improving your heart health is simply taking OmegaRed Super Krill supplements each day to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and improve circulation.

Of course, be sure to check with your own doctor or health care provider before taking any new supplements or beginning any new health program!

So, would you like to join me in this #ChangeofHeart Challenge and help spread awareness of heart disease and promote a healthier lifestyle? Just sign up like I did on the Jamieson Vitamins Facebook page and click the #ChangeOfHeart Challenge tab.

The challenge starts today and runs the entire month of February. Share your #ChangeofHeart moments with me by using the hashtag and tagging me (@heyelaineatkins) on social media!



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