How To Survive Baby’s First Cold

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As a new mom, when T got his first cold it was nerve wracking. Surviving your baby’s first cold can be stressful but let’s face it; if you’re a parent there will be many colds in the very near future! T is a toddler now and we’ve already been through a few colds. Here are a few of my tips for getting through your baby’s first cold and beyond.

How To Survive Baby's First Cold | Elaine Loves

{How To Survive Baby’s First Cold}

It’s never fun when your baby is sick. It’s heartbreaking to see them not feeling well, but you will both survive! Here are a few tips to help you get through baby’s first cold like a pro!

Use A Humidifer

A humidifier is a staple in T’s bedroom. We use it pretty much every day but when he has a cold it’s cranked up to high! Humidifiers help keep the nasal passage and throat moisturized so that your baby can breath easier, which is especially important when they’re sick.

Let Baby Sleep As Much As Possible

How To Survive Baby's First Cold | Elaine Loves

This is probably an obvious one but when your baby is sick a lot of sleep is needed. If your baby is congested it can be hard for them to get restful sleep. A few ways to get baby some rest especially during the day:

  • Hold baby as much as possible (cuddle while catching up on some TV!)
  • Use a carrier to keep baby close to you so you can still go about your day
  • Use a swing to help your baby fall asleep quickly while keeping their head elevated


Which brings me to my next tip…

Elevate Baby’s Head

If your baby is still quite young and doesn’t move around in the crib or bassinet you can roll up a towel and put it under the mattress to slightly elevate the baby’s head. This will help with the congestion. Older baby’s move around too much (at least mine does!) so I just do my best to help him with his congestion while he’s awake.

Another way to help with the congestion…

Use Saline Solution and a Nasal Aspirator

When T gets congested he can have difficulty breathing through his nose.

This scared me at first, but a quick trip to the doctor assured me it was just congestion and mucous build-up. T’s doctor recommended using saline solution often during a cold to help break up and thin out the mucous along with a nasal aspirator to help clear his nose.

How To Survive Baby's First Cold | Elaine Loves

During a cold I use hydraSense® Easydose® a few times a day on T and the Nasal Aspirator morning and night. Babies under 2 years old can’t blow their noses so an aspirator does the work for them. The aspirator is easy to use but the first time I needed it I was a bit nervous; luckily this easy-to-follow video helped me out!

Keep Baby Hydrated

Keep baby hydrated whether you’re nursing or formula feeding. Since your baby might be sleeping more often, it’s important to make sure they are drinking enough. Keep track of the number of wet diapers they are producing to make sure they aren’t getting dehydrated. For older babies giving them water or milk often throughout the day is important as they may not feel like eating much.

Cuddle Them A Lot

When T is sick he just wants to be held and cuddled. Now that he’s always on the move it’s rare that he wants to sit still. So as much as I hate  when he’s not feeling well, I cherish the moments he wants to cuddle up and be close.

How To Survive Baby's First Cold | Elaine Loves

 Colds are inevitable but hopefully you can get through your baby’s first cold without too much stress! Do you have any tips to share?
 This post is sponsored by hydraSense®. To make sure hydraSense® products are right for you, always read and follow the label.

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