Supporting Each Other Through Child Loss

October is Child Loss Awareness month. Child Loss is a topic that you don’t hear very much about but the Toronto based company Frannie + Lilo is hoping to change that.

Child Loss Awareness | Elaine Loves
Photo Credit: Claudia Agudelo Photography

{Supporting Each Other Through Child Loss}

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More than just a clothing company, Frannie + Lilo was founded by Francesca Brunsden and Lysanne Louter. The two met  during a prenatal class and became friends when their sons were born just 10 days apart. Struggling through miscarriage, child loss, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, the two decided to create a company to support women during all stages of their journey through motherhood. The goal is to fight the taboo of discussing these traumatic experiences.

The Statistics

Did you know that 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage? I know many friends that have suffered alone through miscarriages and I have unfortunately witnessed the unbearable loss of a newborn baby. Up to 25% of mothers face postpartum depression and many more suffer with postpartum anxiety.

Child Loss Awareness | Elaine Loves
Photo Credit: Claudia Agudelo Photography

My Story

My own journey to motherhood wasn’t an easy one. While I have never suffered a miscarriage, infertility and the disappointment of not becoming pregnant was a secret that I kept all to myself. When I first had T I expected to be completely overjoyed. I thought the overwhelming anxiousness that I felt instead was just part of being a brand new mom intensified by sleep deprivation. After a few months I realized that other new moms at the same stage as me didn’t have these constant feelings. I was anxious about everything, I cried a lot and wasn’t enjoying any moments with T when I knew the difficult newborn stage was over. That’s when I finally sought help from my family doctor and I’m so glad I did.

I love that Frannie + Lilo want to help all moms get the support they need. A portion of every shirt sold goes to child loss and postpartum charities. Francesca recently shared the story of her son Phoenix who passed away peacefully in his mother’s arms 5 hours after being born. Please take a moment to read her touching story and listen to her interview on Metro Morning.

Made In Canada

Their shirts are made in Toronto from start to finish using organic cotton and bamboo. They are committed to being an ethical, eco-conscious and empowering company. When you purchase and wear one of their shirts you are supporting all mothers – no matter what stage of the motherhood journey they’re at.

Francesca’s story really touched me and it was important for me to help Frannie + Lilo spread their message. I want to thank Claudia Agudelo for her beautiful images and helping me to put this special post together.

October 2017

This month marks International SIDS, Miscarriage and Infant Loss Awareness Month. This week focuses on Infant Loss and October 15, 2017 marks Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. On this day, Frannie + Lilo invite you to light a candle in honour of all those who have lost a pregnancy or an infant.

Child Loss Awareness | Elaine Loves
Photo Credit: Claudia Agudelo Photography

You can also help to bring awareness to Child Loss by supporting their company. For the month of October they are offering free shipping with the code OCTOBER; as well, they are offering a 20% discount to all of my readers with the code AVERYMAMA.

If you have suffered the loss of a child, please know that you are not alone. If you ever need to reach out please contact me ( You can also share your story with Francesca and Lysanne or check out the list of charities and support groups on their website.

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  • I love these tshirts so much! And the cause is close to my heart. Many of my friends have gone through child loss and I can not even begin to imagine the rollercoaster of emotions that come with such a tragedy.

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