Our First Halloween

So technically this wasn’t our first Halloween; it’s our second. Last year I didn’t bother getting a Halloween outfit for T. Truth be told, I’ve never been into Halloween – even as a little kid! This year, we were invited to join in on some really fun Halloween events so I made this year T’s official first Halloween!

Our First Halloween | Elaine Loves

{Our First Halloween}

Halloween For Babies and Toddlers

Let’s face it. Your first Halloween with a baby or toddler is really more about seeing the little ones in cute costumes. They won’t remember a thing – they’ll likely just be wondering what the heck they’re wearing! As I mentioned, I’m not really into Halloween, so my goal for finding a costume for T was just getting something that was cute and fit him comfortably.

Our First Halloween | Elaine Loves

I found two adorable costumes for him. The dinosaur was so cute but because he’s tall for his age, when the costume was done up at the crotch it kind of choked him; so that was a no go! We ended up with the sweetest little elephant costume that went on like a vest – perfect to layer over his normal clothes!

Our First Halloween | Elaine Loves

I also love the little feet that came along with it! The feet go on with elastics and they were open at the bottom allowing T to still stand up without anything in the way.

Mommy Connections Halloween Brunch

Our first Halloween event was a brunch put on by Mommy Connections West Toronto. It was held at Firken On The Bay and the ticket price included food for both adults and kids. T had a blast – he loved his meal and happily played with the toys and other kids afterwards. There were Star Wars characters from The Superhero Company walking around taking photos with everyone too. T high-fived the Storm Trooper but he definitely didn’t want one standing next to him!

Our First Halloween | Elaine Loves
Photo courtesy of Karen Davey – Mommy Connections West Toronto

It was a chance to have a good meal and sit down in a regular restaurant atmosphere without worrying about “getting in the way” of patrons without kids. I’m looking forward to attending again next year!

St. Joseph’s Toronto Halloween Fest

There were many free Halloween events taking place all over the city. We quickly went to check out the St. Joseph’s Toronto Halloween Fest to work off the yummy brunch. T was too young to appreciate it, but there was a stage with music, a lot of tents with activities and characters walking around taking photos with families. Hopefully next year he’ll be able to get out of his stroller and walk around more!

Mamas and Minis Halloween Party

We attended our first Halloween party ever with the Mamas and Minis Etobicoke group! This EPIC event was graciously hosted by a few of the mamas in a condo party room in the neighborhood. 60 mamas and 65 minis were in attendance and believe it or not there were minimal melt downs! All the mamas in attendance contributed by bringing food to share and helping with set up and clean up. I’m so in awe of the ladies in this group – I’ve met so many amazing fellow moms and am happy that I’ve found members of my “mom tribe” through the group!

Our First Halloween | Elaine Loves

There were fabulous sponsors that contributed to the party including Harlow’s Handmade who gave away a prize pack to the Mama’s and Minis members. For the month of November, $1 from every Mo-Vember bib and pacifier clip will be donated to the Movember foundation! A purchase is a great way to support local business and a great cause all at the same time.

Our First Halloween | Elaine Loves

Another generous sponsor to the event was Pelle Beauty. Founder Marnie Cipriani offered up a gift card prize to the winner of the mom and baby costume contest!

Our First Halloween | Elaine Loves

Pelle Beauty + sister brand Marnie Cipriani beauty are among my favourite local brands. Made in small batches, the face oils, balms, and facial mists are PERFECT for busy moms. Without adding a complicated beauty routine to your skin care, these products are luxurious and have high concentrations of quality ingredients so your skin receives the ultimate care with little effort.

Our First Halloween | Elaine Loves

T had such a fun time – it’s funny to see him play “with” other kids. All the kids kind of just play around each other at this age but it’s nice when they can stimulate each other and get used to the interaction!

Our First Halloween | Elaine Loves

Handing Out Candy

I opted not to take T Trick Or Treating this year; he’s still too young to care anyway and with an early bedtime I didn’t want to disrupt his routine for some candy (that I would just end up eating anyway!). Instead, I dressed him up again and had him help me hand out candy. Really he just stood at the door waving at the people that came by – but he had fun doing it!

Our First Halloween | Elaine Loves

I’m glad we participated in some Halloween festivities this year; although he won’t remember it, I certainly will and I know it will be so fun to look back on the memories of our first Halloween. As a bonus…T decided to start walking completely on his own over the Halloween weekend!! I think the elephant costume may have helped with his balance 😛

How did you celebrate Halloween this year?


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