National Cupcake Day 2016

Are you a cupcake lover? I’m going to assume most of you said ‘yes’! Did you know that Monday February 29th is National Cupcake Day 2016? As if we needed an excuse to eat a cupcake! National Cupcake Day is actually a fundraiser for SPCAs & Humane Societies all across Canada. If you’re an animal lover, a baker, or both, it’s the perfect time to share your love for cupcakes while raising money and awareness for a great cause!

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Cupcakes from for National Cupcake Day 2016

{National Cupcake Day 2016}

So…how do you participate?

It’s simple!

  1. Register online for FREE at
  2. Download your Cupcake Host Kit online or wait for it to arrive via snail mail.
  3. Choose a local participating SPCA or Humane Society that you would like to donate to.
  4. Plan your event for any day in January or February or right on February 29th!
  5. Bake cupcakes and share them with donors such as your friends, family and co-workers. How about getting together as a group at a school or your office? Donate the funds to your chosen charity. You can even accept donations online by  setting up your own personalized Cupcake Day Online Bakery!
  6. Spread the word and encourage others to join in!

As a bonus for signing up before January 30th, you’ll be entered into an “Early Bird Contest” where you’ll have a chance to win a KitchenAid Stand mixer! That will certainly help you bake more cupcakes 😉

There are a TON of tips and resources on the National Cupcake Day website. Every donation helps fight animal cruelty and keeps the most vulnerable animals in our society safe. This is a really fun and yummy way to help those innocent animals in need.

If you’re like me, seeing a pet suffering just breaks my heart. My cat Baxter is a really naughty guy, but I love  coming home to him each and every day! Hopefully all animals can find homes filled with love too.

SPCA, National Cupcake Day, Baxter The Cat, National Cupcake Day 2016

For more information on how you can participate and follow along, visit the National Cupcake Day website or check them out on facebook.

You can also follow along on Instagram or Twitter by searching @CupcakeDayCa or @OntarioSPCA and of course look up the hashtag: #CupcakeDayCA

So whether you bake the cupcakes yourself to raise money, donate to someone holding a cupcake day event or donate directly, I hope you’ll help to spread the word of this amazing cause.

Happy National Cupcake Day!


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