Music Fun With Little Rebels

Parents everywhere know that it can be a struggle to find activities to keep your baby occupied. It’s always a bonus if it’s fun for you too! A few weeks ago I hosted a fun event for ladies and babies of the Mamas & Minis Playgroup with Little Rebels Music & Development.

Music fun with Little Rebels | Elaine Loves{Music Fun With Little Rebels}

I was first introduced to Little Rebels as part of my Mommy Connections program. Although T was quite little at the time, I could tell he was really interested in the songs; and I really loved singing along too!

Not Just a Music Class

There are many music classes available in the Toronto area; but what makes Little Rebels so unique is that it caters to both the parents and babies by singing kids music “with a twist”! Many of the tunes were recognizable to the moms in attendance; they were set to show tunes and musicals – so it was just as much fun for the mamas as it was for the minis! Unfortunately T didn’t get to participate in this particular class since he was sick, but hopefully we’ll be able to attend classes in the Winter!

Learning Through Music

Focused on cognitive learning and physical development, the kids aren’t just sitting in a circle and singing but they are fully participating throughout the 45 minute class. Props and actions make it a great class to get all their energy out too! (Which encourages great naps and makes parents happy!)

The classes are catered to different age groups / developmental stages. The basic age groups for each of the classes are:

  • 2 – 6 months
  • 7 – 12 months
  • 13 – 24 months
  • 2 – 4 years

At our special Mamas & Minis class we had kids of all ages with 2 instructors teaching. At one point the class was split up to accommodate the different development stages of the babies. We all had an absolute BLAST during our session. You can see from the “blurs” that the older kids loved running around while singing and the smaller babies were in awe!

Music fun with Little Rebels | Elaine Loves

Hold A Class In Your Home!

What’s also unique to Little Rebels is that they come to you! You can host a class right in your own living room with a minimum of 6 families and a maximum of 12. They also work with YOUR schedule – you pick the day and time and you will be paired up with one of their amazing teachers.

The classes run for 8 weeks at a cost of $144+HST/child with a twin discount available. At the moment they will travel within the GTA.

If you’re looking for something to do with your little one that’s fun for both parents and kids then Little Rebels Music & Development is definitely a program to add to your list!

Exclusive Deal

November-December and January-February sessions are booking now. Jen Neals, founder of Little Rebels, is offering an exclusive deal for readers of Elaine Loves. If you’re looking to host an 8 week session you will receive a 50% discount when 6 – 9 kids sign up; if you have 10 – 12 kids signed up then your session will be FREE! (Note that these offers are for the host only and not the entire group!).  When you call to book just quote “ElaineLoves” in your message.

 I’d love to hear what programs you’ve attended with your babies and if Little Rebels is something you’d be into!


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  • This looks like so much fun! We have a lot of Cool mommy and me classes in my area that are free and often involve music. I can’t wait to start introducing J to more of them!

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