L’Oreal Paris Nudes Collection

I really love nude hued lipsticks and polishes. Even if you’re not afraid of colour, nudes are always in no matter what! One of the prettiest nudes collections I’ve ever seen is the L’Oreal Paris Nudes Collection.

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This top selling collection was originally launched  at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). Nudes and neutrals will never go out of style but it can be difficult to find the “perfect nude” in both nails and lips. This collection is great as each pair is inspired by one of L’Oreal Paris’ multicultural spokewomen.

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The Doutzen nude:

Fresh, feminine and extraordinarily elegant pinky nude…melts into any type of complexion with its luminous effect on the lip.

The Eva nude:

Remarkable radiance for a sun-kissed effect…adds a hint of gold to capture a truly glowing complexion.


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The Julianne nude:

Sensual and delicate…enhances the radiance of pale complexions and endows them with an elegant glow.

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The Liya nude:

A barely brown nuance that adds a charming shade to the lips for contrast to dark skin…

Not pictured in this post are…

The Freida nude:

Sheer sophistication, yet exceptionally modern…emphasizes the delicacy of the amber complexion.

The JLo nude:

Ultra-chic and richly iridescent…(this) barely greige hue is a contrast to the skin and enhances the complexion’s natural beauty.


What are your thoughts on this collection?


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