Cold Weather Grilling with Maillard Meats

We’ve been blessed with a pretty mild Winter in Toronto so far which meant that barbecue lovers didn’t need to give up their grills! You can keep grilling all year long with the help of Maillard Meats. Maillard is a new online butcher shop that delivers high quality meats right to your door. I think this is a perfect gift for the barbecue lover in your life!

Cold Weather Grilling with Maillard Meats // ElaineLoves

{Winter Grilling with Maillard Meats}

Easy Online Ordering

I’m not the greatest cook in the world – I’m actually more about the “30 minute meals” so purchasing a good cut of meat is incredibly intimidating for me. Luckily Maillard Meats makes it very easy for someone like me to get great cuts of meat delivered right to my door. The new online butcher shop features products prepared by artisan butchers. The meats are individually vacuum sealed and frozen right away to maximize freshness. The orders are then delivered to you the next day in recyclable isotherm coolers. The meats will remain frozen for at least 30 hours after they are shipped out!

Cold Weather Grilling with Maillard Meats // ElaineLoves

Cold Weather Grilling

I enlisted the help of my brother who is a great cook and baker to grill up some steak for a quick and easy lunch with the family. Although the temperatures have been cold, a barbecue is still a great way to entertain or have a nice family meal without too much effort. My brother shared his simple technique of grilling steaks for the lunch we had:

  1. Thaw steaks in refrigerator; remove from fridge and bring them to room temperature
  2. Heat BBQ grill to 500 F
  3. Season steaks with Kosher salt and pepper
  4. Place steaks on grill and close lid
  5. Flip steaks after 1.5 minutes and close lid again
  6. Rotate steaks 90 degrees after 1.5 minutes then close lid again
  7. After another 1.5 minutes flip steaks and again – close the lid
  8. Once they are on for a final 1.5 minutes remove steaks from grill
  9. Let the steaks rest 10 minutes before cutting and serving over your favourite salad


 Cold Weather Grilling with Maillard Meats // ElaineLoves
Have you done any cold weather grilling this year? What are your favourite recipes? I’d love to try them out!

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