Flying with iFLY Toronto

People are often surprised when they find out some of things of done but occasionally I like to push myself out of my comfort zone! Take for instance this video I did to enter a contest and also that fact that I’ve gone skydiving!


So when my friend Sonya who writes for Urban Moms invited me for a girls day out at iFLY Toronto there was no hesitation from me! I’m all about trying new things but I loved that we were doing this in anticipation of the new year when most people make a resolution. In this case the day was hosted by Special K who wanted us to think about making a 2015 REVOLUTION as opposed to a resolution.

I LOVE this idea! I actually stopped making resolutions a long time ago – I just figured if you want to make a change why wait til the New Year. Just make the decision and start today. That’s why I loved the concept of a #2015Revolution so much – pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and trying something new. Truly living!

Even though I’ve been skydiving this experience was completely different! Believe it or not I felt like there was MORE to prepare for this experience. When I went skydiving I was essentially a front backpack on the instructor so while there were some things I needed to know about jumping out of the plane and landing I really had no control of anything!

The iFLY Toronto experience simulates skydiving – in fact profession skydivers use that facility to train. When I went skydiving it was over very quickly and I honestly can’t remember much about what it felt like since so much was happening around me! With my iFLY Toronto experience I was more aware of what my body was doing and what sensations I was feeling.


iFLY Toronto Experience ins

Look – I’m flying!!! With some help of course! The experience was fantastic and if you’ve never done this before I highly recommend you check it out! Children as young as 4 can fly and I was told a 93 year old recently went too!

If flying isn’t on your “bucket list” think of something that is and make a commitment to take steps to achieving it.

Step out of your comfort zone and join the 2015 Revolution!



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