A Virtual Trip to Argentina with Kaiken Wines

The following is a guest post by Sohnee Ahmed.

Elaine gets invited to a lot of events for this blog, but as you devoted readers know, she doesn’t drink alcohol. As a result, there are some events that she can’t attend. Lucky for her (and me), I love a good glass of wine!

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I’ve never travelled to South America, but thanks to Kaiken Premium Wines, in one night, I was all over Argentina. Kaiken Wines started as a small winery in Chile, created by four friends. At the time they started, Chilean wine was known to be abundant and “drinkable”, but not always created for complexity in flavour. The team then decided to branch out, over the Andes, and into Argentina. At this event, I learned about the desert landscape and how Kaiken managed to get a unique terrior for their wines in this country. Kaiken has vineyards spread across the country, each with its own distinct characteristics. The result is a very interesting range of complex wines that will suit any palate.

Photo courtesy of Kaiken Wines
Photo courtesy of Kaiken Wines

I usually prefer reds, but my favourite wine of the night was the Terrior Series Torrontes from Salta. It’s deliciously sweet with a floral nose and fruity notes that makes the entire experiences soft and pleasant throughout. There is wonderfully balanced acidity and I really enjoy the consistent flavour with each part of the sip.

Photo courtesy of Kaiken Wines
Photo courtesy of Kaiken Wines

My husband preferred the Ultra Cabernet Sauvignon from the Mendoza region. He usually goes for a spicy malbec, but this cab beat out the two malbec types we tried that night. This wine is well structured and complex, starting with a smoky nose. The finish is smooth with a bit of spice. Nick found it to be so satisfying, he called it “a meal in itself”.

Kaiken Premium Wines are available at select LCBO locations under the Vintages section.

Sohnee Ahmed is a regular contributor for Toronto Beauty Reviews and she attended this event on my behalf.

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