A Scary Night Out With Screemers

The following is a guest post by Sohnee Ahmed.

There are a lot of things to love about Halloween – the costumes, the candy, watching scary movies, and of course, visiting Screemers at Exhibition Place!

Screemers Halloween Event

This year, Screemers offers seven (7!) haunts including their latest called The Asylum. This new feature has been a popular one at the Hamilton location and now it’s here for our Toronto fright-seekers! They still have the same six haunts from last year, but they’ve really improved all of the haunted houses. It was obvious that Screemers has gained a lot of momentum and becomes more and more popular each year.

Screemers Halloween Event

This year, I went on a Saturday night and the lines were really long for each haunt. Thankfully, I got a fast-pass and was able to bypass all the lines. For just $12 extra, you can avoid waiting in line for nearly an hour at each haunted house and keep the adrenaline pumping. My favourite haunt this year was the House of Cards, the 3D haunt experience that was first introduced last year. They’ve improved the quality of the 3D images, so they really play with your perceptions and take you through a fun, but scary journey! And as always, there’s the midway with fun rides outside. It started to rain when I was out there, so I didn’t stay to check out the latest ride called Grotesque (but with a name like that, I should’ve stuck around 😛 ). Just like any carnival, you can get your Tiny Tom donut fix, have some cotton candy,  or do what I did – get a candy apple and have a sticky mess to clean up later 🙂

Screemers Halloween Event
Candy apple – not blood!

This year, Screemers is also hosting an LGBT Night that’s taking place on Wednesday night. Details are available here: https://www.facebook.com/events/897539797004402/

Screemers is running at Exhibition Place from now until Halloween, so be sure to get your tickets!

Sohnee is a regular contributor to Toronto Beauty Reviews and she loves Halloween! Read about her visit to Screemers from last year.


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