Snacking at 416 Snack Bar

There are often times when I’m not in the mood for a full meal – I find that especially true in the hot summer months! But I’ll admit to not really being a salad eater. I enjoy salads and vegetables but I prefer them as a side – not as my main course!

So where do you go in the city for a small bite to eat besides a coffee shop?

416 Snack Bar // Elaine Loves

The answer is simple: 416 Snack Bar.

My friend Bella (blogger behind the beautiful wedding blog She Said Oui) and I were long overdue for a catch up session. We always like to try something new when we hang out, and since we weren’t in the mood for a full blown out meal, 416 Snack Bar was perfect!

Located at 181 Bathurst street, it’s tucked away in between Wolsely Street and Queen Street – you’d have to know what you’re looking for or you’ll pass right by! It’s got an extremely casual vibe – it almost looked like a Mexican bar to me when I first walked in! I thought I would feel out of place (I stand out like a sore thumb in bars – haha) but the staff was extremely welcoming and friendly which put me at ease.

It was a super warm day out and I picked a seat in the corner of a communal table by the open window. I’m not sure if there was A/C or not but it was pretty warm inside and I’m sure I downed a few bottles of water while we were there!

The entire menu is cutlery free – I guess that’s how snacks are meant to be eaten!

First up (picture above) was the Curtido Salad and the Korean Fried Chicken ($5 each). The salad was a cucumber and seaweed salad wrapped in lettuce leaves. Pretty refreshing for a hot summer day! The Korean Fried Chicken was very flavourful and had a bit of a bite to it. Most won’t find it spicy but Bella and I are wimps when it comes to spice!

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Next we tried an Empanada ($5) which was also a bit spicy for us but I loved it so much I didn’t care! Everything from the dough to the filling (beef and egg) was perfect – I didn’t even really need the sauce with it – it was great on its own!

416 Snack Bar // Elaine Loves

Lastly we tried out a steamed bun filled with pork ($5 each) but there is also a vegetarian and fish version available. This snack was soooo good! The pork was tender and easy to eat and the bun was so fluffy and soft. If I had room for more I would have ordered a few of these.

Our bill came to a whopping $25 and change. We didn’t order any alcohol which would have obviously added to the bill but if you like to drink they seemed to have an extensive menu available.

I should note that I believe the menu changes all the time so you may want to check out their site before heading there if you don’t like to be surprised.

If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat in Toronto but don’t want to sacrifice fresh, quality food in your choice, I’d highly recommend checking 416 Snack Bar out.

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