Winter Adventure with Nestea

If you don’t enjoy winter sports such as skiing or skating often Winter and cold weather will induce hibernation. My friend Solmaz of The Curious Creature has decided to embrace all things winter and vowed to get out and enjoy the cold. While I’m not QUITE up to her level yet, as long as I’m prepared for the weather I can usually tolerate the cold and snow.

When I received an invitation to go Winter horse back riding with the NESTEA team I decided this was my opportunity to enjoy what my little part of Canada has to offer. A big group of us (about 50 people I think!) made our way to the Wildwood Ranch in Georgetown.  This was my first time riding a horse so I was both nervous and excited – but more excited since I love most animals!


My horse’s name was Bucket – she was a little antsy and really wanted to run but I kept a tight reign on her as I was too scared to let her gallop! I think if I had better mobility of my fingers I could have had a better grip but it was so cold out all my extremities were numb! If you decide to go horse back riding in the Winter be sure to layer up! I was wearing 3 layers under my clothes plus ear warmers, a hat, 2 scarves and 2 mitts 😉

After the exciting outdoor adventure it was off to Milton to warm up with dinner and drinks in The Gambrel Barn – a popular wedding venue in the GTA.


Winter Adventure with NESTEA // Elaine Loves

Similar to my previous experience with the NESTEA team we were served creative drinks made with NESTEA’s newest flavours: Blueberry Mint and Blackcurrant. Both are very refreshing and have a unique flavour to them but I personally love the blackcurrant the best!

Winter Adventure and Nestea Tea Tasting // Elaine Loves

You can enjoy these new flavours on their own but of course the NESTEA team served up some great drinks to compliment our meal. My favourite of the bunch was the warm mulled current tea and of course I enjoyed all the mocktail version of these drinks 😉

Winter Adventure with NESTEA - Mulled Current Tea // Elaine Loves

This warm flavourful drink was the perfect welcome after a day of Winter Adventures!

Winter Adventure with NESTEA - Northern Teani // Elaine Loves

This drink was such a great thirst quencher! The addition of the iced cubed blueberries and fresh mint helped to intensify the flavour of the iced tea.

Winter Adventure with NESTEA - SakeTEAni // Elaine Loves

I have no comment on this one since there wasn’t a mocktail version but from what I hear it packed a powerful punch!

Winter Adventure with NESTEA - Berry Cool TEAni // Elaine Loves

Another refreshing drink – I loved the freshness of the cucumbers in combination with the blueberry mint flavour.

Winter Adventure with NESTEA // Elaine Loves

I had a fantastic day and was glad I was up for a Winter Adventure with NESTEA.

I know we’ve been under a “deep freeze” lately in Toronto but how do you take the time to enjoy winter?

I hope you picked up some interesting ideas for entertaining!


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