Why We Love Aqua-Tots For Swimming Lessons

As a parent, finding activities that your kid will enjoy is always top of mind. I KNEW without a doubt I wanted T to learn to swim. I believe water safety REALLY important and I’m so glad we chose Aqua-Tots for swimming lessons.

Aqua-Tots for Swimming Lessons | Elaine Loves

{Why We Love Aqua-Tots for Swimming Lessons}

When I first started thinking about swimming lessons I had a few criteria in my mind which really helped me narrow my search down. Luckily for me Aqua-Tots fit perfectly!

  • focus on safety
  • fun for both babies and caregivers
  • comfortable pool (heated!) and clean change rooms

Focus On Safety

Swimming is a great activity for both fun and fitness. But to tell you the truth…water scares me. I don’t have a fear of water, but I understand the dangers and am aware that situations can turn hazardous in seconds.

Aqua-Tots for Swimming Lessons | Elaine Loves

This is why I REALLY wanted to find a place with qualified instructors who could teach and explain water safety; not only to kids, but to me as well. At Aqua-Tots, each instructor undergoes extensive training. They continue to be assessed so that each lesson is consistent, no matter who your instructor is. I love that each of the skills we learn and develop in each class has a safety purpose behind it.

Swimming Should Be Fun

Of course swimming needs to be fun or else the classes will feel like a chore! T was a very sensitive baby in the beginning; it wasn’t a surprise to me that when we first took classes he would cry throughout the class each time. At first I questioned whether we should continue or not, but our instructor assured me it was normal for some babies to take longer to get used to swimming. I knew he wasn’t scared or upset by being in the water – I think when he was younger his attention span was just super short!

Aqua-Tots for Swimming Lessons | Elaine Loves

Fast forward to today – he LOVES the classes. He will often try to jump ahead to the next activity before it’s time because he’s eager to get to it! And when I take him swimming on our own time he enjoys it so much; I can see him putting all the skills he’s learning to good use.


If they’re having fun, most kids don’t think about if they’re hot or cold. They simply don’t notice. Since I knew I would be taking the classes with T, I selfishly wanted to look for a pool that was heated. The pool at Aqua-Tots is always heated to 88-90 degrees.

Change rooms were also a huge thing for me. I have memories of open change rooms as a kid and always thinking that changing afterwards was the worst part. There was never enough space to place your clothes and almost always something “clean” would end up on the wet dirty floor.

The changing facilities at Aqua-Tots are private, family style. This is especially appreciated to keep a child contained while you change them, yourself and get all organized! Not to mention the facilities are extremely clean. The staff is super friendly and I constantly see someone cleaning after each class and making sure the changing area is always in order.

Other Reasons I Chose Aqua-Tots For Swimming Lessons

The makeup policy at Aqua-Tots is fantastic. If you’re a parent then you’ll know that missing a class is inevitable. Kids get sick at the last minute or last minute appointments come up. That’s one of the downfalls of signing a child up for classes – more often then not you won’t get your full money’s worth. At Aqua-Tots the make-up classes never expire.

The class sizes are really small as well. In fact, group lessons are limited to 4 students per instructor! I love this aspect as you’re guaranteed quality time with the instructor and can ensure that your child is learning the skills being practiced and developing too.

The friendly staff and instructors seem to treat everyone like family. It’s really nice to feel welcome and comfortable for both the child and caregiver. T is very familiar with many of the staff there. We’ve been going since he was about 6 months and many of them have seen him grow up!

Lastly, I love that it’s open to other family members. When T was younger he had a whole “entourage” come to see him. The pool is enclosed with glass walls and all my family members came to watch him while sitting comfortably in the common area of the facility. They also offer family swim days and encourage water safety for the whole family.

Aqua-Tots for Swimming Lessons | Elaine Loves

I asked Aqua-Tots Mississauga about any promotions happening for the holiday season! Goggles, diving rings (T LOVES these things), swim diapers and toys are great stocking stuffers for your little water babies. If you mix and match any 2 items you can save 10% off your purchase. Also, the Ollie the Otter package is a great way to give the gift of swimming. Prepay for 5 consecutive months and receive your 6th month free plus guaranteed access to all member events throughout the year and 10% off all retail items.


Whenever anyone is looking for a place to bring their kids for lessons I ALWAYS recommend Aqua-Tots for swimming lessons. While this isn’t a sponsored post (I’ve been a paying customer since the beginning of our classes!) they do offer a referral incentive! If you decide to sign up for classes and say I referred you, T and I will receive a $25 credit towards our classes! 🙂 

Aqua-Tots for Swimming Lessons | Elaine Loves

If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll consider Aqua-Tots for swimming lessons. Let me know and maybe we’ll run into you there!

***Thank you to Aqua-Tots Mississauga for providing the lovely photos of us!***


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