Why I Love my LG G4 Phone {GIVEAWAY – CLOSED}

In a world of apple and “i” everything, I know I’m the odd man out since I’ve never owned apple ANYTHING! Not even an ipod! Unless we want to count to Macintosh computer my family had in the 80s/90s, I’ve been more than happy living my apple-free life!

My latest love when it comes to phones is the LG G4, which I received from LG Canada to review just before I went away on my trip to Europe. Before this, I had the LG G3 which I was already head over heels for, so I couldn’t wait to get my grabby hands on the upgraded version.

LG G4 // Elaine Loves
My travel essentials which included my new LG G4. Check out the sexy leather backing!

It was obviously a very easy transition to using the G4 since all the essential features were the same. It was the camera features that REALLY blew me away!

If you follow me on instagram you’ll see that ALL my vacation photos were taken with the LG G4 phone. I DID bring my DSLR camera with me on the trip, but unfortunately there were so many times when I had to switch out lenses, or I just couldn’t get the shot in fast enough, so I ended up using my phone the whole time.

And boy did I get some AMAZING shots! Check out a few of my favourites:

LG G4 Phone // Elaine Loves
The London Eye


LG G4 Phone // Elaine Loves
A pathway in Florence


LG G4 Phone // Elaine Loves
Seafood Cone


LG G4 Phone // Elaine Loves
Iceland at dusk


LG G4 Phone // Elaine Loves
Overlooking Vernazza, Italy


LG G4 Phone // Elaine Loves
Night stroll in Florence

For me, the most exciting thing about this phone is the elevated camera features. I was incredibly impressed that the camera was able to shoot in manual mode, so I was actually able to play with the camera settings as I would with my DSLR! For those of you that know camera modes, the LG G4 has an aperture of f/1.8 which is actually the lens opening I always prefer to shoot with. I was able to adjust the ISO, white balance, shutter speed and control the exposure. You can see from the variety of photos above that I was able to snap photos in all sorts of lighting situations and they still came out great!

But don’t assume that this camera is only good for scenic shots. It works equally well for close up photos too. I’ve been taking the majority of my beauty product and food shots with my LG G4 exclusively and I’m loving the results.

LG G4 Phone // Elaine Loves
Burberry Lipstick


LG G4 Phone // Elaine Loves
Salmon nicoise salad

And, of course I can’t forget the all important selfie camera! Complete with gesture shutter, voice shutter and time delay my selfies have never looked better 😛

LG G4 // Elaine Loves

I loved my previous LG G3 and had really high hopes for the LG G4; I’m so glad to say it didn’t disappoint! Since I was taking it with me on vacation I didn’t hesitate to run out and purchase the protective circle case for it as I’m really clumsy and didn’t want to risk the phone with smooth leather backing slipping out of my fingers!

LG G4 // Elaine Loves

If you’re looking to upgrade your phone or have been considering switching to an LG, I’d HIGHLY recommend this phone. I can’t say enough about it.

Now, here’s the most exciting part…LG is letting me share my love for the G4 by giving an LG G4 phone (valued at $699 CAN) away to one lucky Canadian reader!

Please note that the phone may need to be unlocked in order to work with the carrier of your choice.

To enter, simply fill out the rafflecopter form below! GOOD LUCK!


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