Celebrating the South St. Burger Secret Menu

A couple weeks ago I received a very mysterious “Top Secret” invitation to check out the South St. Burger Secret Menu.

South St. Burger Secret Menu Event // Elaine Loves

In case you didn’t know, South St. Burger is a Canadian franchise brought to us by the same folks that introduced New York Fries to us; the culprits of my weight gain in high school đŸ˜›

This “not so secret menu” features 4 burger creations inspired by all the inventive ways customers have been topping their burgers in celebration of South St. Burger’s 10th anniversary!

The South St. Chicken Club:  traditional club sandwich – grilled chicken breast, bacon, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and garlic mayo.

Mac’s (Big) Burger:  two 4 oz patties, 2 slices of cheese, lettuce, pickles, onions, and South St. signature sauce (secret recipe!)

The Cheesy Vegetarian:  no need to explain this one – all the cheeses (including brie!) piled on a veggie burger

The Naughty Vegetarian: Veggie burger topped with guacamole, red onions, hot pepper, lettuce, Dijon horseradish…and bacon!

South St. Burger Secret Menu Event // Elaine Loves

A group of us headed down to the Corktown location at 260 King St. East (which has a liquor license by the way in case you enjoy a beer with your burger!), and we were given the mission to create our very own burgers. We were to name our burgers, snap photos and the judges voted for the best ones. Check out the hashtag #southstsecretmenu on twitter and instagram to see all of our creations and to find out the winning burgers!

Sadly my “French Canadian Mexican Burger” didn’t win, but it sure was delicious!

South St. Burger Secret Menu Event // Elaine Loves

I topped my burger with brie (French), maple syrup infused onions (Canadian) and guacamole + fresh tomato salsa (Mexican). Of course you can’t have a burger without lettuce and ketchup too!

I had so much fun creating my own burger. You can truly customize your burger from the bun (gluten free available!), to the patty to the toppings. The side menu items such as the fries and onion rings are amazing too. I also may or may not have had a few testers of the milkshakes đŸ˜‰

Share your creative burger on social media using the hashtag #SouthStSecretMenu! What would your burger look like? I want to know!


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