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If you’re pregnant, have just given birth or are a parent you’ve probably heard the term “skin-to-skin”. Also known as “Kangaroo Care” there are many benefits to skin-to-skin including bonding with baby, easier breastfeeding and less stress during the transition for both parents and baby. As I was looking for ways to make skin-to-skin easier I came across SleepBelt – a Canadian made product that securely holds baby in place for longer skin-to-skin bonding.

SleepBelt // ElaineLoves

{SleepBelt Review}

The Early Days

When T was first born, thankfully the hospital I gave birth at promoted a lot of skin-to-skin contact. We spent the early days together in bed or on the couch skin to skin, getting to know each other. I truly think it helped T get to know me and feel comforted; which was particularly important since he was born prematurely and it must have been quite the shock for him to be out of the womb! At this time T was quite small (and light!) and it wasn’t too much effort for me to hold him on my chest. However within a couple weeks he grew rapidly and it was getting harder for me to hold him in place.

“Hands Free”

I did some research online and came across SleepBelt which is like a stretchy wrap that belts your sleeping baby to you while you’re sitting. I thought it was an excellent idea and was even more intrigued when I found out it was not only a Canadian company, but that they’re Toronto based too! It allowed me to continue holding T close to me as he slept while allowing my arms to get a break from my growing baby too.

SleepBelt // ElaineLoves

Secure Comforting

As T got older he starting to become fussier; this especially rang true after he had his first vaccines at 2 months old. My poor baby just wanted to be held and nursed constantly. By this time he was he was over 11 lbs and was always sliding off my chest without the aid of the SleepBelt. I’m so thankful that I had it for those days when I basically didn’t leave the couch. It allowed me to comfort him as much as possible while minimizing my own exhaustion (besides sleep deprevation of course!).

The Perfect New Mom Gift

If you know someone who will become a mom soon, the SleepBelt would make an amazing gift that she can use as soon as she’s given birth. It makes bonding right away much easier and would help mom feel more confident knowing that baby is safe and secure. (Note that mom should NOT fall asleep at any time even if baby is secured to her with the SleepBelt!) Dads and other caregivers can also use it to bond with baby too! And bonus, as baby gets older the SleepBelt can be used to help keep baby secure¬†while forward facing.

What are your thoughts on the SleepBelt? Have you heard of it and would you use it?




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