Portrait Photography with GTA Photography

In a previous post I wrote about an intro to photography course that I took with GTA Photography.  Last weekend I took a follow up day course for portrait photography called Portraiture 101.

Portrait Photography Fashion Week Toronto March 2015 // Elaine Loves

Here’s a photo I took this week at World Mastercard Fashion week trying to use all the lessons I learned! The model here is the beautiful Dauphine who I see pretty much every fashion week season 🙂

The course was held for 4 hours and it’s a good idea to be pretty comfortable shooting in manual mode before taking this course.

Things we learned:

  • types of portraiture and the differences between them
  • types of lenses and their functions
  • reflectors – when and how to use them
  • effect of different camera angles
  • proper cropping techniques
  • different types of lighting and effects of lighting
  • posing tips
  • working with models

This is one of the first shots I took during the course of our knowledgeable instructor Hannah.

Portrait Photography - Hannah of GTA Photography // Elaine Loves

The cost of the one day course is $120 + HST and just like the first one I took with GTA Photography, I learned so much about what to pay attention to when photographing people, and also how to work with different (and tricky) light situations. With a small class size (there were 8 of us) you’ll get a lot of hands on learning time and your individual questions will be addressed.

Here’s an example of a photo with light coming in from behind my subject, Zeba. She is my friend and fellow blogger; we took the course together and she was my model for most of the day. I had to compensate for the light coming in behind her to make sure her face wasn’t in shadows.

Portrait Photography - Zeba // Elaine Loves

I can’t wait to put everything I learned into practice! Here are a couple of test shots of my very busy goddaughter Harlowe 🙂

Portrait Photography - Harlowe // Elaine Loves


Portrait Photography - Harlowe // Elaine Loves


Portrait Photography - Harlowe // Elaine Loves

Everyone in the class had different reasons for taking the course. There was an aspiring fashion photographer, someone who wanted to take photos of her grandkids, a new mother hoping to take photos of her little one, someone who wanted to take photos of his teenagers, and Zeba and I who wanted to learn to take better photos of each other for our blogs 😉 .

Whatever your reasons, if you’re looking to improve your photography skills I’d highly recommend checking out GTA Photography. There are even camps for teens and kids!

What photography skills could you improve upon?




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