Park Hyatt Spring Brunch

We’re finally getting a taste of warm weather in Toronto, and I suspect people will come out of hibernation in droves. Let’s hope this warmth is here to stay! The Park Hyatt Spring Brunch launches today at the Roof Lounge and it’s as if the Park Hyatt has brought on this lovely weather along with their indulgent new menu. I wonder if I could convince them to launch their spring brunch a little earlier in the year next time… 😉

The Sunday Spring Brunch menu is the creation of Executive Chef Joan Monfaredi, one of the only female Canadian Executive Chefs in Toronto. One look at the menu and you’ll instantly see a theme. Warning: this is not a menu for vegetarians; it’s definitely for meat lovers; especially if you love bacon!

park-hyatt-spring-brunch-griddled-bacon-cinnamon-roll 3

Take for example, this truly decadent Griddled Bacon Cinnamon Roll ($9) which is perfect for sharing. I’ve always been a huge fan of cinnamon rolls but adding bacon on top just brings this to a whole other level!

A (slightly) lighter dish to share is the White Cheddar Corn Bread ($8) which comes with Maple Butter and Rhubarb Preserves.

park-hyatt-spring-brunch-white-cheddar-corn-bread 2



This was one of my favourite dishes as I’m a huge fan of bread (my husband and I can finish off a loaf of fresh bread in no time!). The warm corn bread and cheese was amazing on its own but adding the condiments adds a sweet element too.


Another shareable dish that is both fresh and satisfying, is the Salmon Gravlax Sliders ($12).


Don’t these look amazing?!? Mini toasted bagels with smoked salmon are topped with a dill cream cheese, arugula, cucumbers and tomatoes.


If you’re ready to move to main courses (that is if you’re not full from the sharing plates), there are some pretty amazing and flavourful dishes to choose from.


This dish is called Toronto Bacon and Beans ($14). What is it exactly? Corn battered peameal bacon fritters topped with maple and molasses baked beans. Such classic Canadian ingredients come together with a twist!



If you’re looking for a dish that contains all the perfect breakfast elements, try the Whisky BBQ Pulled Pork & Eggs ($16). The smokiness of this dish further enhanced with a dollop of chipotle sour cream on top.


park-hyatt-spring-brunch-scotch-eggs 2

Have you ever had Scotch Eggs ($9) before? I certainly haven’t, but now I’m a huge fan! These soft poached eggs are wrapped in pork sausage meat and panko crust. I loved the saltiness and the textures of this dish. It was definitely one of my favourites!



If you can’t decide between sweet and savoury, you won’t have to make the choice with the Bar Man’s Waffle ($15). Belgian Waffles are topped off with fried chicken, flambéed bananas and whipped cream for a really decadent take on chicken and waffles.


If indulging in all these dishes isn’t enough, don’t forget about the creative cocktail menu ($14 – $22) that’s always available at The Roof Lounge.


One of the featured drinks is the “Hogtown Caeser” which is made with bacon infused grain vodka, rimmed with bacon salt and topped with chorizo, bacon and prosciutto. Almost sounds like a meal in a glass to me!

I have to say, I’ve never seen or experienced a brunch menu quite like this in Toronto. If you’re looking to get together for Sunday brunch, and are in the mood for a unique culinary experience, definitely check out the Park Hyatt’s Spring Brunch. It runs Sundays from 11am – 4pm  – so even late Sunday morning risers can get their fix!

A HUGE thank you to the Park Hyatt Toronto for hosting me, and providing me a taste of the new menu. I’m looking forward to going back and trying some of the other items on the menu – in particular the “Toronto Bacon Poutine Wanna Be” and the “Croque Madame” – I’m drooling already!



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