Olaplex and Nioxin Salon Treatments

The hair salon industry always seems to be on the cutting edge of not only styles and trends but of hair treatments too. I recently visited the Beaches location of Parlour Salon in Toronto to check out the Olaplex and Nioxin salon treatments.

Olaplex and Nioxin Salon Treatments // ElaineLoves

{Olaplex and Nioxin Salon Treatments}

There are always new treatments available for hair out there. It can be really useful to stay on top of the latest innovations. We spend a lot on our hair so sometimes it’s worth it to splurge on treatments that will keep our hair and scalp healthy. I took a trip to Toronto’s Parlour Salon to find out more about these exciting treatments.

What is Olaplex?

Olaplex and Nioxin Salon Treatments // ElaineLoves

Olaplex is a 3 step salon treatment that’s perfect for someone that dyes their hair often. You can book an Olaplex treatment as an add-on to your colour treatment. The first step of Olaplex is added directly to your colour. The treatment helps to “neutralize” the tingling sensation on the scalp when dye is applied. As I’m getting older, I’m finding that my scalp is more sensitive to colour; so this is quite a bonus!

Step two of the Olaplex treatment applied after the colour is washed out as a leave in conditioner. It sits on the hair for about 10 minutes and is then rinsed out. The rest of your colour service will continue as it normally would.

Step three of the process is a take home treatment. It should be used once a week to help strengthen and protect the hair to prolong its health. This in turn will prolong your colour and protect it from any damage from the dyes.

Who Should Use Olaplex?

Anyone who dyes their hair could benefit from an Olaplex treatment but it’s especially recommended for when you’re going from dark to light; if you change your hair colour frequently; or going for “fashion” shades such as the trendy pastel or rainbow looks.

What is Nioxin?

Olaplex and Nioxin Salon Treatments // ElaineLoves

If you have thin or thinning hair then you’ll definitely want to inquire about Nioxin treatments. Just as you might go for a dermabrasion treatment for your face at a facial, Nioxin is dermabrasion for the scalp.

A gentle exfoliation process will remove build-up that occurs around the hair follicles. This will help the skin around the follicles to regenerate and leave the scalp with a much “smoother” look and feel to it. This in turn encourages hair to fill in and after several treatments your hair will be fuller. This would be an excellent treatment for ladies after giving birth as hair fall out and thinning hair is common complaint.

To find out more about the Olaplex and Nioxin salon treatments, ask your local salon if they offer them. If you’re in the Toronto area, Parlour Salon offers these treatments at both their salons.




  • I’m at the stage postpartum now where all my hair is falling out. Legit – it comes out in handfuls when I am showering 🙁 I could use a Nioxin treatment! I’ve used Olaplex many times and I love how it makes my hair feel, even when I’m bleaching it!

    • Oh good to know you’ve used Olaplex! yes it’s perfect for going lighter for sure. You should definitely see if Nioxin is offered where you get your hair done. I’ve heard really great things about the treatment!

  • Olaplex is a godsend! When I started going ombre from a deep red-brown, this is what helped keep my hair from becoming fried. I’m hoping to go full on blonde soon, and I’m so glad we have Olaplex now to save our hair. I haven’t had a Nioxin treatment, but this is definitely something I’m going to have to see if my salon offers now. xx

  • I am using nioxin 3 shampoo and xonditioner.
    Can i use no 3 weekly olaplex also.
    Or do they React?
    Lovin an urgent reply

  • Can I do the nioxin treatment once a month, use their shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment and then use the olaplex 6 and oil to style and dry ?

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