Customized Breakfast with Mix It Cereal

In the current world of avocado toast, cereals are slowly making a come back. But I’m not talking about the sugary unhealthy type. Today’s breakfast cereals are healthier for you but they can be difficult to choose the perfect blend. Canadian company Mix It launched in Quebec a year ago and its had great success. Now the rest of Canada can enjoy it too!

Mix It Cereal // ElaineLoves

{Customized Breakfast with Mix It Cereal}

Featured on Dragon’s Den, this Canadian company is truly unique! I had so much fun creating my custom blend of cereal – actually one of the challenges was picking JUST the right mix! In fact there are over 70 ingredients to choose from and you can really make it healthy for the whole family as there are gluten-free, low sugar and high fibre options.

Quality Ingredients

The ingredient options available are all carefully chosen and sourced by local companies where possible. In the case where ingredients come from other countries, care is taken to make sure the ingredients are grown and dried before being added to the mix. Each mix is also created in a sterile environment in Montreal – all made to order!

How It Works

As I mentioned there are so many options available making the number of combinations almost endless! You can create your own personal mix or choose from ready made mixes. Creating your own mix is incredibly easy and takes 4 steps:

  • choose your cereal base
  • Add any dried fruits you’d like
  • Add your nuts & seeds
  • Add any extras


Mix It Cereal // ElaineLoves

As you add ingredients, you can see what you have added on the right hand side of the screen (you can even rename your mix to further personalize it!). This way you can keep track of your combinations and the cost of your overall cereal and nutritional content.You can also always go back and change your mix before finalizing. Once you’re happy with your mix you can also pick the pattern of tube you’d like your cereal to be packed in. I love all these little details that make the process more personalized and fun.

Mix It Cereal // ElaineLoves

As an added touch, when you receive your mix a label with all the information (including the name of your mix) is added to the back of each tube.

I think Mix It cereals are a great way to change up breakfast or even snack time. Since you can customize them you’ll always get a unique and fresh batch delivered to your door.

So what are your thoughts on these Mix It cereals? Do you love the idea as much as I do?

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