Magic Sleepsuit Review

I never knew just how precious a good night’s sleep was until I became a mom. A sleepless night has become the norm in my household and I don’t think I’ve ever Googled one topic so much in my life!

When Little T turned 3 months old he became a great sleeper…but then a few days before he turned 4 months and we entered the dreaded “sleep regression phase” with hourly wakings! Desperate for some shut eye for the both of us, I stumbled upon the Magic Sleepsuit during my search for sleep solutions and they were generous enough to send me one to test out.

{Magic Sleepsuit Review}

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit was designed as a swaddle transition suit to help babies sleep better and it was invented by a pediatric physical therapist and mother of 4.

First Impression

I was so excited to receive the Magic Sleepsuit in the mail and when it arrived I wanted to use it right away. I loved how soft and lightweight it felt but I could tell that T would be quite snug and cozy in it. The Magic Sleepsuit comes in Microfleece and Cotton; I chose the cotton since T tends to run warm and I figured I could always add a layer if he was cold.

The Perfect Sleep Aid

T had started to “crib travel”. He was learning the skill of rolling over and seemed to be practicing in his sleep. As a consequence he was hitting his head on the sides of his crib and getting his arms and legs caught in the rails. He also still had his startle reflex that would wake him up. The Magic Sleepsuit was the perfect sleep aid for him since I didn’t have to worry about him breaking out of a swaddle or getting trapped in any loose material. It helped him feel secure and cozy through the night.

My Favourite Features

I could tell a lot of thought went into its design and that a mom invented it! My favourite features of the magic sleepsuit are:

  • Two zippers make it very easy to get the baby into and out of
  • Scooped lowered neckline ensures that the sleepsuit will not cover the baby’s face
  • Open feet allow me the flexibility to cover his feet or leave them open; also since T is quite long it allows him to use the sleepsuit for a longer period of time
  • T (and all babies) looks adorable in it!

Did It Work?

While T is still waking up frequently, he is able to get better and longer sleep in the magic sleepsuit, since he’s not moving around in the crib all night! This helps me to eliminate at least one issue while trying to figure out how to work on his sleeping patterns. I love how quickly it helps him to fall asleep at bedtime while knowing he’s safe and in one spot in the crib.

I would DEFINITELY recommend it. I actually wish that I had used it earlier as I may have been able to avoid some of the sleep issues he currently has. If you’re an expecting mom I’d highly recommend putting the Magic Sleepsuit on your gift registry!


Photo provided by Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit

I’m so excited to be partnering with Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit to give one away to a lucky Canadian or US reader!!! Seriously, the gift of sleep for both you and your baby is probably the best gift in the world! Please fill out the rafflecopter form below and good luck!

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  • After 2 girls, my niece just had a boy, and I’m sure she could do with him sleeping! She has her hands full

  • My daughter could use one for her 8 month old son! His room is a little on the chilly side. And he does not yet sleep through the night. This would be ideal.

  • I am about to have my third little girl. My first was a terrible sleeper. My second was an angel. Who knows what this next one will be like but I know I’ll need all the baby sleep I can get since my oldest still gets up multiple times a night for water / to pee / for cuddles. I’m one tired mama.

  • One of my best friends had her baby recently and as a new mom, I am sure she could use this to help get a little extra sleep!

  • We have a little one on the way (our first!) and wondering if and how to make sure they get restful sleeps (so that I can get restful sleep) is something I’m worried about. I’m not sure how to prepare for things like this, but giving the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit a try sounds like a good place to start!!

  • My daughter had her first on Feb.7 and he’s such a little guy at 5 lbs and he could really use the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit .

  • I’m expecting my first baby this summer and I’m doing everything I can to try to prepare! My friend just went through the dreaded sleep regression phase, so this is something I’m keenly aware of!

  • omg i need all the help i can get. my daughter has become an escape artist from her swaddles lol. her momma needs some good sleep and so does baby

  • I’m currently a mom-to-be. Since baby’s going to be in the same room as us for a while, I really want to do everything I can so that we can all have a good night’s sleep; specially my fianc√© since he’ll be bringing home the money while I’m off!

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