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I should actually clarify this post by replacing the word “Living” with “Trying” in the title! Living That Clean Life is all about creating a healthier you through healthier food. For the most part that means eating out less and cooking with unprocessed and fresh ingredients where possible. Definitely a challenge for someone that doesn’t really cook AND doesn’t have an everyday routine!

I first “met” Abigail Keeso over twitter and we’ve following each other for years! I followed along on her journey to becoming a registered nurse and I would check out some the healthy recipes she would post. When she launched “That Clean Life” with her partner Christopher Hopkins I was so curious about it but didn’t feel like I had the time to dedicate to cooking.

Living That Clean Life - Abigail Keeso // Elaine Loves

Recently Abigail approached me about checking out a membership with the “That Clean Life” app which offers recipes, meal plans, and healthy eating programs. I was excited to see if I could successfully complete at least a few of the recipes on the site with my limited cooking abilities.

Living That Clean Life - Orange Beef Stir Fry with Brown Rice // Elaine Loves

The first one I attempted was Orange Beef Stir Fry with Brown Rice. This one was really easy to make even for me! I didn’t follow the recipe EXACTLY since I forgot some of the vegetables on my list, but I just used what I had in the fridge. This has become a regular meal in our house since it’s so tasty and easy to throw together.

Living That Clean Life - Orange Beef Stir Fry with Brown Rice // Elaine Loves

I should also note that it was my VERY first time cooking beef. EVER. I get weirded out seeing raw meat and I don’t touch it! I purchased the beef from my grocery store already cut up in strips so I just added them when needed. I’ve also made this with chicken and of course other vegetables I had in the fridge.

Living That Clean Life - Strawberry Coconut Overnight Oats // Elaine Loves

I’ve been really bad lately about eating breakfast so I was drawn to the Strawberry Coconut Overnight Oats since I could make it ahead of time and just put it together right before eating it! This delicious breakfast features quick cook oats, chia seeds and hemp seeds.  I made the base of this recipe on the weekend then just scooped it into a jar  or tupperware with some fruit (I’ve used strawberries, bananas and blueberries before!) before heading to work.

Living That Clean Life - Strawberry Coconut Overnight Oats // Elaine Loves

When I have the time to eat breakfast at home I actually love warming up the oats then topping them off with fruit. So creamy and yummy!

The most recent recipe I tried was Spaghetti with Pesto & Roasted Tomatoes. I LOVE pesto sauces but whenever I order it at restaurants, I’m automatically filled with regret since pesto sauces are usually VERY oily, and my skin doesn’t do too well with overly greasy foods.

Living That Clean Life - Spaghetti with Pesto & Roasted Tomatoes // Elaine Loves

This version of pesto sauce uses very little oil and is so packed full of flavour I’m left wondering what the point of all the oil in a typical pesto is the first place! This sauce combines spinach and basil and is so fresh tasting. The roasted tomatoes also adds a great punch of flavour to the dish. The original recipe is a vegetarian one but I threw in some roasted chicken for added protein and I also used regular pasta because I forgot to pick up the brown rice pasta! This was another super quick meal that is easily made on a weeknight.

There are so many more recipes I want to try out from That Clean Life. If you’re like me then you’re someone that finds figuring out what to cook each night challenging. I appreciate the simple, easy to navigate site which, at a glance, tells you how long the cooking time is and how many ingredients you’ll need. You can download and save your recipes plus your grocery list for easy shopping, and you can create meal plans! There are also discussions about each recipes via the enthusiastic members. Abigail also designs seasonal programs and challenges that members can participate in together which makes healthy eating fun too 🙂

The memberships start at just $9 per month. Just last week a “freemium” option launched offering you a taste of what it’s like to be part of the That Clean Life community. The freemium option offers 25 recipes, 1 customized meal plan and 1 program. It’s a great way to check it out and you can upgrade at anytime!

You can also head over to the That Clean Life blog for really great tips on healthy eating, prepping meals and making cooking easier!

Do you have any cooking or healthy eating challenges? Hopefully I’m not alone!


  • i’ve been eating clean since 2011 and have never felt or looked better! i will never eat crap again!!

  • I have so much admiration for those who are able to do this and stick to it. I have zero will power when it comes to food.

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