Klout Cadillac CTS Test Drive

As a blogger I’ve been privileged to experience many different opportunities. As part of the Klout program I was able to test drive a Cadillac CTS for 3 days.

A Klout score is a number between 1 and 100 which measures how influential you are through social media. The higher the number, the greater your influence! I have a steady Klout score of about 60 which opened up the Cadillac “perk” for me!


Cadillac CTS Test Drive


So I’m not even going to pretend to be a car expert but I’ll do my best to describe the car’s features and what I thought of them.

The car itself was as big as I was anticipating. I drive a little Volkswagen so I was a bit intimidated by this car since it was much wider and longer. It definitely did not fit into our 2 car city garage with another car in it so I just parked in the visitors area for the length of my test drive period.

Cadillac CTS Test Drive

The car was a very good looking car I must say. I definitely turned heads – I’m not sure if it was the colour or the design but people always wanted to check it out! My parents and in-laws loved it – I think their generation is used to “bigger cars”.

One of the coolest features for me was the “heads up” display which displayed all the car’s important information on the windshield just below your sight line.

Cadallica CTS Test Drive heads up display

Other cool features that stood out for me was the control display. I generally don’t need a lot of fancy stuff in cars since I tend to just use the basics but the control display was super easy to navigate and I really liked the voice command – I pretty much just played with changing the radio stations 😉 . The control display is also how you use the backup camera. I only had the car for 3 days so I didn’t haven’t it long enough to feel comfortable relying on the camera!


Cadillac CTS Test Drive Control Displayplay


The car is also equipped with sensors all around it – when there is an obstacle near you such as a car or person passing behind a vibration on the drivers seat goes off to inform you of the potential danger. There is also a driving feature you can turn on to ensure a fixed distance between your car and the one in front; the car will automatically adjust the speed to account for this.

Cadillac CTS Test Drive logo

Probably THE coolest feature of this car was the parallel parking feature – I didn’t believe it and I was pretty scared when I first tried it out – but let me tell you it’s pretty amazing! Not to brag or anything but I’m a a pretty good parallel parker 😉 but I would definitely use this feature in traffic or in a more awkward space.


Cadillac CTS Test Drive Elaine Loves


Overall I REALLY enjoyed driving this car. I was worried it would be too big for me to drive but I quickly got used to it. It unfortunately doesn’t work with my lifestyle since I think small cars do better in the city and also the fact that even with a double car garage we weren’t able to fit this car + my husband’s car! For a comfortable luxury vehicle and for someone with a little more residential parking space this car would be a great choice!

What a great experience it was doing the Klout Cadillac CTS test drive!

I also tested out the Buick Encore (which my parents ended up purchasing!). See what I thought about that car in this video.

Have you test driven any cars lately? 

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