Introduction to Dose Juice

Drinking fresh juices is a huge health trend that doesn’t seem to be going away. When you think about it – it makes total sense. It’s hard to get in all the proper nutrients when we lead such busy lives. Dose Juice, a Montreal based company is making its debut in Ontario.

Dose Juice in Toronto // ElaineLoves

{Introduction to Dose Juice in Toronto}

My friend Alysia and I were invited to check out the launch of Dose Juice in Toronto by attending a yoga class at YYOGA in downtown Toronto. Since I am pregnant I did not drink a bottle of Dose Juice as raw and unpasturized juices aren’t recommended. However, I was comfortable taking sips of the different juices just to taste them. Alysia is an avid raw juice consumer; so she was the perfect friend to bring along for this experience.

Dose Juice in Toronto // ElaineLoves

Dose Juice was founded in 2013 by a Montreal couple who shared a passion for healthy living. Each bottle of raw and organic juice is cold pressed using industry-leading hydraulic press juicers. This allows 5x the amount of nutrients to be extracted compared to traditional juicers which grind and chop the ingredients. The juices are also “cold-pressed” which means that they are not heated, chemically treated or pasturized. This keeps all the nutrients intact so your body can quickly absorb them.

Dose Juice in Toronto // ElaineLoves

Dose uses a unique process which allows each bottle of juice to remain unopened in the refrigerator for up to 45 days! This means you can stock up on your favourites without worrying about them going bad. Once you open them however, be sure to finish the bottle within 4 days.

Dose Juice in Toronto // ElaineLoves

Alysia and I completed a great yoga class and were then treated to a taste testing. There are 14 flavours available so there’s something for everyone!

My favourites were:

  •  “Taxi” – pineapple, apple, lime and mint;
  • “Tango” – carrot, apple, lemon, ginger and tumeric; and
  • “Samba” – beet, apple, carrot, cucumber, kale, orange, lemon and ginger.
photo via Dose Juice
photo via Dose Juice

Find Dose Juice at select retailers (including Whole Foods) and online for $7.00 (300mL) and $10 (500mL) each.

Have you tried Dose Juice or any other cold-pressed juices before?


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