Greaterskies Review

Last year sometime, I mentioned a product that would make a great gift. I was contacted by a similar company and asked to provide you with my Greaterskies review.

Decorating isn’t one of my talents. Unfortunately I just don’t seem to have an eye for it! But I love when there’s a decor idea that I can customize to suit my existing pieces without having to search through every store. Bonus when it’s something sentimental and meaningful!

GreaterSkies Review |Elaine Loves

{GreaterSkies Review}

Note: I was sent a complimentary framed print from GreaterSkies in order to review their product and service. All opinions are my own. 

The Perfect Decor and Gift Idea

If you’re looking for a unique decor or gift idea then you’ll want to consider a star map from GreaterSkies.

What I love about the GreaterSkies star map vs TheNightSky star map is the ability to print your custom sky yourself. So if you can’t wait and have a great quality printer, or know of a local printer, you can have your star map instantly! If you want them to ship your print, they offer 2 sizes AND the option of having it framed. (Note, TheNightSky now offers a framed option, but at the time of my purchase it was only a printed poster mailed to you.)

GreaterSkies Review |Elaine Loves

Custom Features

Both sites are very easy to navigate and offer a variety of background colours and options to customize your map. Both maps are beautiful as well. I really like that the GreaterSkies star maps come in standard sizes making it easy to find frames for. I found when I received my TheNightSky map I had a tough time sourcing a frame; in fact I had read that this was an issue for many others as well.

GreaterSkies Review |Elaine Loves

The Constellations

I compared the maps side by side and thankfully both are similar – which I’m relieved to know that the maps are accurate!

The GreaterSkies map was a lot more detailed though. There were many more stars in each of the constellations that appear in the map. Also, there were more constellations mapped out on the GreaterSkies map than on TheNightSky map.

Memories To Cherish

A star map is the perfect way to document a special moment in life. T turned 2 recently and I love looking at our GreaterSkies star map together. So far he seems to be really interested in the sun, moon and stars and I can’t wait to learn more about the sky above us together.

Have you heard of a star map before? What significant moment of your life would you want documented in a GreaterSkies star map?

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