Fall Trends To Look Forward To

We are just beginning to get a taste of spring and summer and here I am chatting about fall trends! But the reality is, when it comes to the seasons and trends, everything is set in place MONTHS (if not a year) in advanced in anticipation of what will be available in stores weather wise. The good part about paying attention to trends, is that it can help us plan our next seasons’ wardrobes and hopefully we’ll be able to spend our hard earned dollars more strategically by adding specific piece to what we already own.

According to Sherson Group (they represent Nine West among many other popular show and accessories brands), textures and patterns seem to be HUGE for the upcoming Fall season. I recently attended a fall trends preview event and rounded up some of the items that stood out for me.

Fall Trends 2015 Floral Print Shoe // Elaine Loves

This elegant and lady like floral patterned pump was one of my favourites. In colder months we often fall into the trap of choosing toned down colour palettes. Incorporating a floral shoe into your wardrobe will add that pop of colour and whimsy to a classic, neutral outfit.

Fall Trends 2015 Coloured Shoes // Elaine Loves

It’s always great to have fun with shoes – I picked these lovely bold colours to showcase because I really loved their unique style. They can be sexy when worn with a pretty dress or jeans, but can absolutely work for an office setting with dress pants or tights under your skirt. Whenever I shop, with the exception of running shoes and casual sandals, I try to make sure my shoes will work for both a professional setting and an evening setting too.

Fall Trends 2015 Tweed and Leather Shoe // Elaine Loves

If coloured shoes aren’t really your thing, but you’re still looking to put a bit of whimsy into your wardrobe, look for interesting textures like these tweed and leather pumps. They are a classic pump shape but notice the heel shape too – the are narrow through the back but offer a lot of stability and comfort. These are definitely on my “short list” of things to buy for fall!

Fall Trends 2015 William Rast Zipper Detail Shoe // Elaine Loves

Believe it or not – I SOMETIMES have a bit of “rocker chic” in me. For those days, these suede beauties with zippered details by William Rast would be PERFECT! You may have heard of William Rast before – it’s a fashion line whose co-founder is a guy by the name of Justin Timberlake? So you know, it might be familiar! Making their footwear debut in Canada this year I anticipate that their shoes will be huge sellers in both the men’s and women’s categories. If it’s good enough for Jessica Biel, it’s good enough for me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Fall Trends 2015 Menswear Colour Block Shoe // Elaine Loves

Flats are also very much still in style and if you can pull it off there are some exciting shoes inspired by menswear. Take these colour blocked dress shoesย for example. I don’t think that I could personally pull them off as my style is very much on the feminine side, but they are definitely stylish and look quite comfortable too.

Fall Trends 2015 Tassle Smoking Slipper // Elaine Loves

Smoking slippers will also be still on trend but you’ll be seeing them with a slight heel to make them look more sophisticated. Again, menswear inspired tassels on this shoe make it unique and dresses it up to make it office appropriate. I might even step out of my comfort zone and give these a try – I can see them working well with many of the cropped pants I have for the office.

Fall Trends 2015 Fanny Packs // Elaine Loves

Another easy way to update your wardrobe is with accessories – particularly a new bag or purse! I’m not too sure what the reaction will be on this one come fall, but fanny packs are back! These ones are definitely more stylish than the ones I remember from the 80’s and 90’s and they are meant to be worn on the hip, rather than the waist. They should compliment a more casual yet stylish outfit very nicely.

Fall Trends 2015 Houndstooth Print Backpack // Elaine Loves

Looks like the backpack is here to stay! I’ve been seeing this trend over the past few seasons and wondered if it would catch on again. With the push for people to get out on their bikes and commute to the office, stylish but practical bags fill the need. I actually really love the shape of these backpack – it’s very elegant and streamlined! The houndstooth pattern is great too as it adds so much interest!

Fall Trends 2015 Floral Print Structured Bag // Elaine Loves

Staying true to my feminine style this purse was my favourite. I love the structure of it and of course the floral pattern just makes it such a head turner! Sometimes it can be hard to find a practical work bag that makes you feel on trend too – they are often very basic and boring.

I think it’s safe to say that I have A LOT of items on my fall shopping list. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The beauty (or perhaps curse) of getting to check out these previews is that I can make an initial list but I can’t shop anything yet! It helps me to cut down my list as the the time to buy draws near and I can usually narrow it down to 1 or 2 coveted pieces. Most of these items will be available by August but some will be cropping up at the end of July.

I know it’s early, but are you looking forward to seeing any of these fall trends?



  • I seriously considered getting one of Clare Vivier’s fanny packs – they are so chic! And I love those brogue-esque flats. I have been wearing loafers almost exclusively to the office. For some reason I feel silly running around in heels at work now. How things change from your 20s!

    • Ah Jane, you would so rock a fanny pack! Weirdly I have such trouble finding comfortable flats. The only ones that work for me are running shoes and my sandals – both of which are way too casual for the office. Hoping theses new smoking slippers with the slight heel might do the trick!

  • I’m trying to find the Nine West suede tassel shoe online, but can’t find the exact ones you show here. Any ideas? Thanks!

    • Hello Gina! I would maybe wait another week or so as these items were set to be rolled out between July and September. I would also give your local Nine West a call and ask – sometimes shoes show up in store first since I think most people still tend to shop for them in store rather than online. Good luck!

  • Elaine, bummer! There are no Nine West shoe stores in Colorado! Do you know if they will be sold online eventually or are they an instore item only? Thanks!

  • That would be great! Thank you so very much! I truly appreciate it. I have looked at so many shoes on the web, but just keep coming back to these particular ones. I like that they are more feminine than most of the same style.

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