Faking a Good Night’s Rest with Garnier Miracle

 Are you like me and always chasing a good night’s sleep? As we get older and get busier with our lives (think work, social obligations, kids, and even household chores) we lose a little bit of quality sleep with each new task we take on.

I was invited to check into the Garnier Miracle Hotel to help me get that rest that I so desperately needed. Where is this mysterious Garnier Miracle Hotel you ask? It is none other than the Trump International hotel in Toronto decked out by the Garnier Canada team.

Garnier Miracle // Elaine Loves

When we can’t actually GET a good night’s rest, the next best thing is at least LOOK like you did right? First off, it’s important to know that during the day our skin is busy defending itself against many different stresses; while at night our natural repair mechanisms kick in so skin is at its most regenerative function.  Studies have shown that fatigue causes a phenomenon known as “cellular oxidation” which reduces our skin’s natural capacity for regeneration; meaning our skin is weaker when we are tired and can’t recover properly. Over time this is bad news for us…skin will age more quickly and it takes much longer for it to recover overnight.

Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream + Eye Cream // Elaine Loves

To help combat signs of fatigue, Garnier has introduced Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleep Cream – the first sleeping creams for the face and eyes. How does Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleep Cream help us out? Inspired by “sleeping packs” (a huge trend in Asia), Garnier has developed a sleeping cream with a unique lightweight texture which helps the active ingredients penetrate into the skin all throughout the night. Unlike traditional night creams which are normally very rich and heavy and designed to simply hydrate and nourish, the face and eye sleeping creams help to speed up skin’s cellular renewal. The result?  Improved skin quality, better tone, smoother texture and the best part – the ability to trick everyone into thinking you’ve had 8 hours of quality sleep!

Garnier Miracle Event // Elaine Loves

Of course, ACTUALLY getting a better night’s rest along with using the sleeping creams is the winning combination. My experience at the Garnier Miracle hotel definitely encouraged relaxation and a good night’s sleep! My night started out with soaking in a warm bath, putting on a pair of really comfy pyjamas, sipping on some decaf vanilla lavender tea, then jumping into the luxurious and cozy king sized bed. I’m making a note to myself to pick up better quality bed linens – they make a world of difference!

Garnier Miracle Event // Elaine Loves

The next morning a leisurely breakfast kicked off the day, and what better way to get the weekend started than with a yoga class? Engaging in exercise and relaxing activities during the day will also help gear your body up for quality sleep. My time at the Garnier Miracle hotel ended off with a blow out at the spa (using amazing smelling Garnier Fructis hair products!) and receiving a manicure with Essie. And let me assure you, after just one night of removing myself from all the stresses of everyday life I had one of the best sleeps I’ve experienced in a long time.

As for the Garnier Ultra-Lift Miracle sleeping creams – they are now part of my nightly routine. When I wake, my skin is soft and hydrated, and it just looks brighter and more awake! Although getting a great night’s sleep everyday might take a while to achieve, I can at least have confidence that my skin is repairing itself at night and getting the care it needs.

Do you often have a good night’s sleep? Or could you use Garnier Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Creams and a night at the Garnier Miracle Hotel?

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