Easy Spinach Dip

I’m not huge on cooking elaborate meals and following difficult recipes. When I make a meal it needs to be done in about 30 minutes with easy to find ingredients. Many years back my aunt taught me a really easy way to make spinach dip. I recently made it for a family gathering and it was a hit!

Most spinach dips call for mayonnaise which I’m not really a fan of. I can handle it in small doses, such as spread thinly on a sandwich but other than that it’s not my favourite condiment.

Easy Spinach Dip Ingredients // Elaine Loves

This dip works great with just sour cream as the base but of course if you want a richer dip I’m sure you can substitute with mayonnaise if you prefer! Now…on to the dip!


  1. French Onion soup mix
  2. Cooked, cooled spinach
  3. Sour cream

That’s it – only 3 ingredients! You can use any french onion soup mix you can find. For the spinach I used frozen spinach that I prepared as per the instructions, drained and cooled it. I used paper towels to soak up as much water as I could so the dip wouldn’t be runny. I chose to use Lactose Free sour cream because some people in my family are lactose intolerant but you can use any type of sour cream you want. Just note that if you use a no-fat version your dip won’t be as thick. I would recommend going for a low fat version as opposed to a no fat one if you’re concerned about fat content.

Easy Spinach Dip // Elaine Loves

Step 1 is to simply add a bit of the sour cream with the onion soup mix and mix until incorporated. I then continue to add more sour cream and soup mix. I usually end up using all of the sour cream and about 1/2 the onion soup mix. I just go by taste so I can’t really tell you how much to add!

Easy Spinach Dip // Elaine Loves

Here’s what the sour cream and onion soup mix combination will look like. At this point it already tastes really good 😉

Easy Spinach Dip // Elaine Loves

Step 2 is to simply add the cooled spinach. Again, how much is completely up to you. If you like a lot of texture and really like spinach add all of it in. If you only like a little then just add what you think works best. Once everything is mixed it’s best to chill in the fridge for at least 30 minutes and serve when cold. All the flavours seem to taste so much better that way!


Serve with your favourite vegetables and crackers. And of course this dip is also great with potato chips or pita chips.

How easy is that? 3 ingredients and 3 steps if you including chilling 😉

This easy spinach dip is my favourite thing to make for potlucks or even for a weekday snack. Just make it on a Sunday night and bring it to work or school for the next couple of days.

Do you have an easy dip you think I should try? 


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