Creative Entertaining with Nestea Iced Tea

Do you like to entertain? Are you really creative with your menu and your décor? With all these amazing DIY ideas floating around on Pinterest it’s easy to feel inspired right? Well, in my case – it’s very intimidating! On the rare occasion I do entertain it’s usually for family or just a couple of friends – I also stick to the basics especially on the food and drink front.

A fun fact about me – I LOVE iced tea so if I’m in charge of drinks you can bet iced tea will be on hand 😉 . Told you – the basics! I was however blown away with how creative entertaining could be with Nestea Iced Tea when I was invited to an event they hosted.

Creative Entertaining with Nestea Iced Tea

The event took place on a really rainy afternoon at Lisa Marie restaurant where we were served up yummy eats also infused with Nestea Iced Tea to compliment all the creative drinks.

Creative Entertaining with Nestea Iced Tea

Because I don’t drink alcohol all my drinks were non-alcoholic versions but I was told the alcoholic ones were quite delicious 🙂

Creative Entertaining with Nestea Iced Tea

This mint TEA Julep cocktail was so amazing! I never thought that iced tea could be even more refreshing!

Here are some more photos of the event to wet your appetites.

Creative Entertaining with Nestea Iced Tea

The mint TEA julep drink was actually my favourite so I wanted to share the recipe with you:

 Mint TEA Julep Cocktail (serves 1)


1 oz Bourbon (optional)

1 oz NESTEA reduction (bring 1 cup of NESTEA* to a boil, reduce heat to a simmer and cover pot until liquid reduces)

2 tablespoons chopped mint

1 mint sprig

Crushed ice

Recipe Instructions

Muddle chopped mint in bottom of glass

Add reduction and bourbon


Fill to brim with crushed ice

Garnish with mint sprig

*for a reduced calorie version substitute Nestea for Nestea Zero

Doesn’t that sound delicious? For more refreshing recipes visit the Nestea website. Now I won’t feel like I’m being so “basic” by entertaining with Nestea Iced Tea 😉 .

Hope you enjoy! What’s your beverage of choice?


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