Chick Advisor hosts a #MasterCheeseClass with Christine Cushing

We started off making the “Grilled Turkey and Smoked Canadian Maple Cheddar Burgers”. Dark turkey meat, the smoked cheddar and portobello mushrooms are what gave this burger tons of flavour!

“Christine Cushing’s Baby Arugula Salad with Halloumi Croutons in Citrus Olive Oil Vinaigrette” is a mouthful of a name for a pretty simple salad packed with so much flavour. The citrus dressing was so fresh and balanced while the warm Halloumi cheese croutons were to die for. If you’ve never tried Halloumi cheese before you MUST pick it up. Then you must fry it for an even more amazing taste experience! 😛

#MasterCheeseClass with Christine Cushing and Chick Advisor // Elaine Loves

{photo credit: Kevin Chung Kayce Photography}

Finally on to dessert! The “Lemon Canadian Mascarpone Tarts in Chocolate Cookie Crust” were the perfect ending to the meal. They were light and not too sweet – they work so well for a summer dessert! They were also bite sized so you didn’t feel like you were overindulging 😉

#MasterCheeseClass with Christine Cushing and Chick Advisor // Elaine Loves

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