Chick Advisor hosts a #MasterCheeseClass with Christine Cushing

The afternoon was such a blast as Christine Cushing told us stories of her past (including mistakes she made during auditions and getting scolding by other chefs she was learning from!) while giving us handy tips and tricks to become masters in the kitchen. I worked with a group of 4 other ladies: Lauren, Meredith, Jill, Nicole and we banded together to make turkey burgers and an arugula salad.

#MasterCheeseClass with Christine Cushing and Chick Advisor // Elaine Loves

{photo credit: Kevin Chung Kayce Photography}

Cheese makes everything better doesn’t it? Each of the dishes made (including the dessert that Christine Cushing made) incorporated a different type of cheese. How do you know the cheese you’re using is Canadian? Just look for this symbol on your cheese and dairy products:

#MasterCheeseClass with Christine Cushing and Chick Advisor // Elaine Loves

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